Salı Eylül 19, 2017

Freedom for Mehmet Yeşilçalı!

Mehmet Yeşilçalı and 9 other detainees are being sued at the Munich High Court since 17 June 2016 for accusations of membership of the.


Mehmet was arrested on 15th April 2015 in Switzerland where he lived and was extradited to Germany approximately a year later on 8th March 2016. Since that date he is detained at the Munich-Stadelheim prison. 

Mehmet’s advocates have demanded on 21st March 2017 for him to be released from his detention. As grounds for this petition is the fact that Mehmet has been subjected to heavy torture during his years of imprisonment in the 80’s in Turkey.

He was already receiving treatment for these reasons for some years in Switzerland prior to his arrest in 2015. Continuing his detention is irresponsible and is putting his health at great risk.  Mehmet urgently needs therapy however it is not possible to provide this under these circumstances. 

In this petition there is also mention of an incident that had occurred on 9.12.2016 in prison. Mehmet was subjected to ill-treatment and humiliation by the prison officials. 

An irresponsible prison doctor ordered Mehmet to be held in a basement cell for 24 hours under duress and in a naked state. Mehmet was also beaten by a prison officer during this period. After this Mehmet’s condition worsened. 

In the aforementioned petition it is stated to the court that in the case of his release Mehmet would start a therapy in Munich where he would be available at the criminal case. 

Despite the fact that the court appointed psychiatrist expert confirmed that Mehmet is seriously ill, on 22nd May 2017 the court rejected his petition for release and declared that the ill-treatment in December 2016 lawful. 

The court tried to use Mehmet’s illness to obtain a confession by proposing a total of 3 year’s imprisonment if the defendant would make a confession before the decision. 

It seems that the court hoped that Mehmet would not be able to stand up to the pressure the conditions of detention would bring and that he could leave the group of collectively acting prisoners. But Mehmet decisively declined such an initiative.

Mehmet struggles everyday with his illness and the conditions of his imprisonment and continues to protest and fight against the treatment he is faced with in the court room and in prison.  

Support the struggle of Mehmet Yeşilçalı for his release!

Each day in detention is one to many!

Don’t allow his health situation to be used as a pressure tool against him! 

Rote Hilfe

ATIK (Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe)

UPOTUDAK (International Solidarity Committee with Political Prisoners) 



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